• Joan Alfred Monteiro

Is developing your own product an absolute must to make money using affiliate marketing?

If you're wondering whether you need an original product of your own in order to become a successful in affiliate marketing, and if you're thinking whether or not to buy a PLR product and make it your own, then read on. I truly hope this article will be of some help to you .

"To Have or Not to have your OWN product?"

I've heard this countless times since the day I started in affiliate marketing. Part of why this question is asked so often is maybe because everyone you ask has a different answer, a different opinion or view to share. But broadly there are two types of people you come across -

The ones who say it is an absolute must to have your own product - who truly believe that in order for any one to succeed as an affiliate marketer, this is surely the best way.

And there are the ones who say, why wait to create your own product when there are so many out there, all you have to do is make your pick and get started with instant commissions. Having your own product is definitely not a necessity in their view.

Now, which could it be?

The truth is, these two opposing views are both correct.

Hear me out, I'm not trying to take a diplomatic stance on this, and i'm surely not trying to confuse your further. If you have your own product, that's great. You can develop your website and affiliate program around it and focus on getting that product out there, working tirelessly to garner sales and simultaneously gain your authority through that product.

And if you think that making your own product is time-consuming, you want to take action right away, there is an ocean of products out there that you can promote instantly and make sales to grow your commissions.

Whichever side you want to be on, the one critical requirement is that you are passionate about the product(s) you are promoting. You will be a lot more convincing to prospect customers if you are a true believer of the product. People are more likely to see through someone trying to do the "hard sell". Find or Create a product that you 100% believe in, which in turn will drive your ambitions for the long haul.

At the end of the day, your success is directly proportional to your effectiveness in marketing the product using the techniques you've learnt on your journey. Don't lose your focus, it kills success. Every shiny new object along the way doesn't need your time and attention. Grow and nurture your product, you will be able to reap the benefits soon!

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