• Joan Alfred Monteiro

5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Will Make You More Money

There’s no doubting that affiliate marketing can be a super lucrative business if set up the right way and given the chance to grow.

I’m still very new to the affiliate marketing business myself and have seen people get varying amounts of success in varying time frames.

So what is the difference between someone who makes money quickly in their affiliate marketing business and someone who takes a long time to make money or maybe never makes money!?

If you come into the latter category, maybe you need to revamp your affiliate marketing strategies.

Let’s take a look at how you can boost your affiliate marketing business and start getting more of the cashola rolling in.

Promote One Product at a Time

Trying to promote too many products at one time is called ‘opportunity switching’ and will confuse your audience. Decide on one product to promote, in one niche and put all your efforts in building up your expert status in that niche. Keep working on showing your audience how that one product you have will solve their one paint point and this will make you more money than having many products with confused buyers.

Reverse Engineer Your Competitors Success

Building your affiliate marketing business in the beginning can be tough and you can give yourself a leg up by watching what other successful marketers do in your niche, opt-in to their funnels and email lists and model what they say and do.

Six-figure affiliate marketers are successful for a reason — they know how to sell and what works. Don’t try and re-invent the wheel, find a proven product, define your avatar and model your promotion technique very closely to other successful people, even down to the colours they use in their funnels!

Create Tutorials for Your Product

Creating tutorials for your product will give your potential customers a sneak peek into how it works and get them to see the ease of use. It will boost the awareness of the product and show customers how it can solve their pain point.

Writing blog tutorials or shooting video tutorials will also boost your expert status and build the like/trust factor. People buy off people they like and see as an expert — tutorials will help with this

Build High Converting Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are hands down the best way to turn cold leads into hot buyers that love what you do. It can take a while to build and test a sales funnel that’ll make you money, but once you get it right you’ll be making money while you sleep.

A good idea is to use an ethical bribe to get people into your first sales funnel like a free informational PDF, a cheatsheet, a video training series, a report, copy and paste swipe files, an affiliate marketing tool kit or a free coaching call for example.

Once they opt-in with their email, you have them on your email list where you can funnel them through engaging email sequences and sprinkle in calls to action every 2–3 emails taking them to your product or into a webinar to sell your product.

In conclusion, if you’re not making the amount of money online with affiliate marketing you’re happy with, take a step back from your business and ask yourself if you’re doing all of the above.

Be the type of person who is always willing to learn, self-criticize and make modifications where necessary, constantly research your niche, take action daily and most of all -


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Source: medium.com

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